Saturday, February 09, 2008


Do a chore for someone

Oh dear - I think I could succumb to martyred mother syndrome. Doing chores for people seems much too much like the stuff of everyday...Today, Dillon kindly made it easier for me be deciding to spend the evening eating grass and throwing I had a whole extra category of chore to indulge in, but given that I'd washed up and dealt with the recycling too, I didn't really feel the need.
I guess the issue here is that though my family are pretty good at helping with household tasks, and all of them will cook quite cheerfully if asked, it still feels as if the tasks are mostly mine. So it's quite hard to feel that doing them has relieved someone else. Perhaps I can find something unexpected to do for WonderfulVicar tomorrow, to recoup the martyr points. Hope so..or today's action will actually have had a negative impact all round.

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Disillusioned said...

Surely if you have been doing all the chores anyway, you have fulfilled the spirit of the LLLL booklet?

After all, if youo hadn't done th chores, someone else would have had to..!

(Am familiar, though, with the notion of it being Mum's respoonsibility...)