Monday, March 20, 2006

Behold the handyman of the Lord!

As a mother who has rather grabbed the limelight when it comes to parenting, and who is verily married to an extremely LongsufferingClockmaker, it's been good to spend a little time today thinking about Joseph. Our diocesan Praying through Lent resource had a splendid reflection by Doug Gay, which you'll find at Mark's Dissonant Bible blog* .....and Mark's whole idea of J skulking round the corner seemed all too likely and real. Here's U.A. Fanthorpe's take on the man, which has given me plenty to ponder today.

I am Joseph, carpenter,
Of David’s kingly line,
I wanted an heir, discovered
My wife’s son wasn’t mine.

I am an obstinate lover,
Loved Mary for better or worse.
Wouldn’t stop loving when I found
Someone Else came first.

Mine was the likeness I hoped for
When the first-born man-child came
But nothing of him was me, I couldn’t
Even choose his name.

I am Joseph who wanted
To teach my own boy how to live.
My lesson for my foster son:
Endure. Love. Give.

Oh rejoice with exceeding great joy! Mark is blogging again on both his sites...if he keeps it up, I might even forgive him for changing diocese ;-)


Caroline said...

at this point dear readers it may be seemly to point out, to those who have never had the remarkable pleasure of their company, that all three of the delightful offspring are in fact unchallengably spitting images of the LSC. In their own little ways......

Rachel's Big Dunk said...

Oh, I just love Joseph. Even before I was a Christian, I was always so moved by his faith and devotion and love.

serena said...

I love the "handyman of the Lord!" bit! Is that your own idea? It's so ... Joseph-y.