Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Tagged again

Karen at Kinesis obviously felt that my procrastination needed attention, as she tagged me for this meme...And since I've totally wasted my day off (apart from the working elements of it, that is) there seemed little point in resisting...though even I can't say that my answers are remotely interesting to anyone, even me. Sorry folks. Tired, I guess.

Four jobs I've had:

1. Bookseller
2. Bed and Breakfast proprietor
3. Charity administrator
4. Amusement arcade cashier (the nastiest holiday job I ever had…deafening noise from slot machines all day long, and a constant aroma of chips and popcorn…and a clientele ranging from the off hand to the abusive. Good money, though!)

Four movies I can watch repeatedly:

1. Truly, madly, deeply
2. The African Queen
3. LOTR The Fellowship of the Ring/The Return of the King
4. Ermm.....not great at film. Depends on the company....maybe a silly girly film with DarlingDaughter: we both enjoy Love Actually, and Notting Hill and that sort of nonsense....will that do?

Four places I have lived:

1. St Leonards-on-Sea, Sussex
2. Cambridge
3. London
4 Great Rissington, Gloucestershire

Four TV shows I like to watch:

1. The Good Life
2. Casualty (oh, the shame, the shame!)
3. Miss Marple (Joan Hickson only)
4. Morse (oh, I miss him so much!)
(just realised that only one of those is still current; I seem to spend far more time on the computer than in front of the tv these days, so perhaps that's no surprise)

Four places I have been on vacation:
1. Venice (well, there’s a surprise for my readers)
2. Malta
3. Connemara
4. Brittany

Four favourite dishes:

1. Tuna pasta (as cooked by Longsuffering Clockmaker)
2. Gravad lax
3. Thai prawns with broccoli
4. Spinach crepes

Four websites I visit daily:

1. I don’t really have a pattern to my surfing….my visits are largely controlled by the news from bloglines, and the amount of time I have available. I currently only visit blogs daily, though I do drop in to oremus and the Greenbelt site at least once a week. Come Saturday night, I’ll be reading the posts on desperate preacher for all I’m worth, and wishing that Dylan was within range to chat about the lectionary over a glass of wine.

Four places I would rather be right now
1.Dublin (with DarlingDaughter)
2. Almost anywhere in Italy
3.Beside a roaring log fire in our old sitting room at Lower Farmhouse
4.In a miraculously tidied curate’s house….oh…yes…the remedy for that one lies in my own hand. I never thought of that! Better stop blogging and take steps towards achieving it...


Rev Sam said...

Ha ha ha - how very revealing (said with a genuine grin).

See this - where I tagged both you and Preston, then Preston tagged Karen, and Karen tagged you....

Rainbow dreams said...

I quite like these, especially when I don't know much about someone - I love the Good Life too - and Italy - thankyou for the insights..
Katie :-)

see-through faith said...

Felicity Kendal (Good life) is the best. I've enjoyed watching her in Rosemary and Thyme too. (series just finished unfortunately)

Gravad lax - is that salted raw salmon. Here it's called graavi lohi (in Finnish) and my FIL makes the best I know. We usually have it as a starter (and as a snack on rye bread with cream cheese and I add raw onion to mine) but it's also lovely with the newest potatoes out and fresh salad.

But I prefer grilled salmon - which is also FIL's speciality though hubby is learning fast. We eat it as often as I can persuade him, though unfortunately DD won't eat fish (other than tuna, and fishfingers) grr