Monday, March 13, 2006

You have to laugh.....I think

Fresh from the disasterous revelation that my diary has ceased to be, I went up to Morning Prayer. On Mondays we are using the Bishop's "Praying together in Lent" material in the mornings (complicated pattern means that some days its morning and some evening...which means we have no continuity in the Daily Office lectionary...but I'm not sure it makes that much sense even when we do) and today the prayer topics began
"a right balance between different aspects of our life"
Someone had already suggested that maybe the loss of all my appointments suggested a need to slow down a bit and that perhaps this compulsory space creation was God's way of pointing out to me the need to draw when I read this the hysteria that had been brimming since I discovered the Awful Truth was impossible to contain.
Well, it was either laugh or cry.
Thanks for prayers, entertaining (and beguiling) suggestions as to the content of the diary (trouble is, Caroline, my bank balance seems unaffected by the general white out), and advice from a fellow sufferer...It was helpful to have my instinct confirmed that maybe electronic organisers and I had best part here. I had been havering as to whether to replace the psion (whose software is incompatible with my pc anyway) but as I have no idea why the wipe out happened when all else appears hunky dory, I don't think I could trust the system again. That maybe irrational, but then I'm ENFP so rational isn't in my comfort zone. I have accordingly ordered the lectionary insert for my battered but reliable filofax, and am reverting to pen and ink. At least this way I may not actually forget how to do joined up writing...


LutheranChik said...

I may be almost surgically attached to my computer, but I'm a Luddite when it comes to day planners -- I have to have pen and paper. There's something about the kinetics of writing stuff out that's satisfying to me, and helps me remember.

see-through faith said...

joined up writing is good. It slows us down :)