Friday, March 10, 2006

Long long week.

I enjoy driving, I really do, but this week I have spent 3 days in succession driving on motorways in bad weather. Having clocked 350 miles today taking DarlingDaughter to an open day courstesy of the English department at Leeds (very impressive course, cool city, but the university campus is far from scenic) I'm not up to much tonight. So I'll leave Our Albert to speak for me and head upstairs for bath and bed. Hat tip to tony for the link.
Normal blogging will be resumed as soon as possible.


AndyBofBolton said...

My daughter is finishing year 4 at Leeds Met and has loved it - So much so she's applying for teaching jobs there!

1 i z said...

Tip number one re children leaving home - if they're going to stand on their own two feet they need to learn to use public transport ;-)

Not to mention the p1ss we took out of any prospective stude that turned up with mummy in tow ;-) Go on K get tough!

Besides it's nature's way of helping them select the right college - my very unstreetwise brother (allegedly*) nearly got mugged two minutes after stepping off the train at Manchester for his Uni interview - conclusion: send the boy to a nice safe campus college in Surrey. Me on the otherhand, tumbled off the train, fell in love with the city and never left ;-)

* I say allegedly as I feel any Mancunion mugger worth their salt would have closed on the deal and hence I suspect the truth of the matter is that some guy just looked at my bruv's bag funny... ;-)

Kathryn said...

Yeah....she's done most of them on her own (particularly St Andrew's!)I think this was mainly an attempt to persuade me that Leeds is as pretty as Cambridge (clearly doomed) and the course as good (far more successful).
However she has to have made a decision by 11th April, so there is an end in sight to the whole grim business...and G is very busy sorting himself out already with no maternal input whatsoever!