Friday, March 17, 2006

A good week for wipe-outs

Having just emerged from a really tough Lent study group, in which I talked far too much and failed to help either of the group members who had Big Issues they needed to explore, I then managed to wipe the 3/4 of a (rather poor) sermon I've spent most of today producing.
And tomorrow I have a wedding couple in the morning and a sister in law's birthday in the evening, and tons too much other stuff to fit in along the even if the sermon deserved obliteration, I've not really got the time to rewrite it (so, naturally, I'm blogging the disaster instead of getting on with remedying it)

In other news,
  • the car needs not just a new fan but a whole new cooling unit (or some such...all I can see is the pound signs)
  • DarlingDaughter has reached at least a temporary decision re uni's...won't post anything till she has sent off the forms, in case she changes her mind, but it would be lovely if this one worked out.
  • And her gap year travel is now being delayed by, of all things, a dental appointment...but she seems to be about to commit herself finally to teaching in Thailand. Hooray.
  • The filofax diary with lectionary arrived today and is HUGE and reminded me instantly why I gave up on this medium. I don't want to always have to carry around a ton of paper.Will stick it out till the end of the year, and see how things feel then...but expect to revert to a.n.other electronic organiser (that WILL talk to my computer) once we hit Advent.
  • Oh, and I've given up giving up alcohol...I'll do without gin, chocolate and fiction but right now I need a glass of wine. Sorry Tony, if you're reading this. I'm just too feak and weeble to stay the course. Think I need a retreat. Soon.


Rainbow dreams said...

What a week! Think you well deserve your glass of wine :-)
Have a good weekend, Katie

Caroline said...

ooooh it's the thin end of the wedge ;) cbocolate biscuits in cardiff, wine tonight.??....i think repentence is called for in the form of sacrificing your long looked forward to attendance at the s-i-l's birthday to give you a chance t sit quietly and ponder teh error of your ways.

Songbird said...

Sometimes life, motherhood, ministry are just this way. My day looks similar tomorrow, except that my sermon just plain isn't written beyond a bare idea and a few notes. Do you really think wine would help? :-)

Fiona said...

Hadn't realised that you were trying to give up alcohol. Sorry if I put temptation in your way on Wednesday. I had a very good Lent one year when I gave up religion but I suspect that isn't a suggestion for you that would go down very well with the bishop or the congregation. Here's hoping that the obliteration of the sermon is the last in the series of technical disasters. Given your experience with the car I'm off to buy a thermostat for the pink and purple monster just in case it needs one.

Kathryn said...

It's OK Fiona...I had already decided that whatever discipline I adopted shouldn't be a penance for those I'm with! So the main deprivation was in terms of the evening glass of wine to unwind post PCC; mainly, I'm not reading ANY fiction...which is good because I'm reading poetry at odd moments as well as heaps of theology,and it feels like a growing thing to do.
Expect to buy some Stewart Henderson on 1st April!

Rev Sam said...

I too have tried and failed to give up alcohol for Lent this year - but so far I'm succeeding with caffeine, tho' it's more of a struggle than I expected.

But what I really wanted to say was that I recently converted to a . It's expensive but I wouldn't be without it now, and it talks very easily to my desktop.

Lorna said...

Im struggling with lent.

I swore off sweet stuff (chocolate, biscuits, deserts etc) and today was going crazy for something sweet. In the end I tucked into a huge tub of green grapes - it helped (some)but now I hope some lemon yogurt with mysli will help.

Just why I think this not eating sweet stuff is good for me spiritually escapes me right now.

I also decided to forgo alchohol and have drunk none at home, but have had three glasses elsewhere - I'm happy with that at least :)

Communion wine doesn't count btw. Today I went to the Anglican service in the cathedral -and they use real wine in one chalice. I'd forgotten. (laughing)