Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bother blogger! Help and guidance required.

Bad day on blogger today.Half the time I couldn't get access at all, and when I could, the photo edit function wasn't available...which means that I can't treat you to the enlightened version of yesterday's picture kindly supplied by both Anne and Dayzee. I'll keep trying on that, though, as it's lovely to have a version that actually does the figures justice. Hints and tips as to how it was achieved would also be welcome!
Being unable to access the blog on a day off when I had lots to say has reawakened an anxiety that my archives might disappear off the face of the earth. This would possibly be a service to humanity in general, but I'd be sad, so I wondered if anyone reading has any ideas about storage. I'm sure I read something on jonny's blog awhile ago, but can't remember what the tool/site was called, which makes it hard to hunt for. Also, while on all things techi, do those who've migrated to typepad feel that the better service justifies the monthly fee (bear in mind that I have to sell the notion to the family, who are less enamoured of this blog than is its creator)? I'd love to know.


see-through faith said...

day off on Ash Wednesday. HOwever did you achieve that? (grin)
be blessed

hope a computer whizzard comes along soon. I'm of no help. I use flickr and our webpage is on MT

Kathryn said...

Sadly, Lorna my dear, the "day off" was distinctly notional as the day began with an 8.00 Eucharist, and was mostly spent arranging a funeral, before another Eucharist this evening.
It's all relative...I just didn't visit anyone or do meetings.
Wednesdays off are a joke during Lent ;-(

Mark said...

Hmmm - after your last comment, K, am I allowed to tell you off (very gently)? So when are you taking a day off this week...? Next week? If Wednesdays off are "a joke", can you change the day?

Tom said...

Bad planning over day off - slapped wrists etc - plan ahead and book another day off in the week when Ash Wednesday intervenes - you will need it etc etc.

As to Typepad yes absolutely worth the cost and the switch - choose the middle of the three options - when Typepad has problems (and all computer service do) they are open and communicative and have a seperate site with details. Change now or at least try the free 30 day offer and see for yourself.

Mary said...

I never did use Blogger but I've never had any problems with Typepad apart from stats being very occasionally unavailable - and not lately.

dave paisley said...

Honestly Typepad has been pretty unreliable of late - at times it has been worse than blogger was when I was using that. Given the free vs paying money deal I wouldn't switch right now.

Kathryn said...

OK, I'm really confused now! Will probably stay put till I have time to tinker properly...I think...perhaps.

Lorna said...

and K
I'm withthe others. You HAVE TO learn to schedule real days off - or you will burn out, and the whole parish as well as you and your family (and us) will suffer.

You owe yourself this.