Monday, September 11, 2006

Harvest aftermath

Steve is back blogging, and with some interesting things to ponder! It's lovely to see him, ....though I did wonder whether the revival of his blog only days after I had finally removed the link from my side bar was in fact simply a complicated ruse to make me feel guilty about abandoning a friend. However, it also seems to mean that he is reading and commenting too, - and he was rash enough to ask for a report on my Harvest Festival service yesterday, so just for you Steve....
Verdict; not bad at all.
The chance to present harvest gifts while singing "We plough the fields and scatter" was balm to the souls of some, while the chance to write "environmental pledges" to God on leaves which were later mounted on a tree "For the healing of nations" suited others. And the reduction in number of readings and in length of intercessions probably pleased everyone, if we're honest!
The responses on the leaves were interesting...ranging from the almost comically pragmatic
"Fewer lights, less choc, more gardening" "I will waste less food, turn off lights and put on an extra jumper" "Holidays at home, smaller car (if at all)- less plug pulling- insulate old roof" to the over dignified "I will do my best to put back into life that which I have the privilege to take out of it" and the elegaic
"Unless there in united international planning, individuals will continue to believe their efforts are in vain".
I suspect that the last probably sums up the attitude of most of the congregation,- but there were at least 50 leaves on the tree, out of a congregation of 150 who are unused to being asked for any sort of measurable response to, as I said, "not bad at all".

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