Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A terrible thing...

to fall into the hands of the living God.

My earlier thoughts brought to mind this poem, whose author I don't know (so many many apologies if it's yours, and I'm infringing copyright...), which I used in a sermon for Pentecost a couple of years ago. It absolutely sums up the life and worship of most parishes I know...Time to pray some more, then.

“Dutifully we fill the pews
Hushed by the organ’s lull
Then animatedly share our news
Before the preacher’s entry
"They say he comes from Hull".

We chase the dust
From nooks and crannies
Do the flowers, ring the bell
Welcome strangers,
Transport grannies
Bear banners on special occasions.

Special Occasions?
Is this one today
With this and that
And so much more
We had forgotten
That flames
Might leap up overhead
And whirlwinds lift us off the floor.

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Anonymous said...

This is wonderful. Wish I knew who wrote it too.