Sunday, September 24, 2006

What is life if full of care....?

Life has been beyond busy these past few days. Lots of everything, both good and less good, little time to reflect (definitely bad) and still less time to blog. Now that the departure has been managed, together with follow-up visit to deliver everything that wouldn't fit in the car first time, and HG is happily installed in her student flat and adapting with no effort whatsoever to the manic partying of freshers fortnight (Cardiff have no intention of doing things by halves, clearly), I'm hopeful that things may return to whatever I call "normal". I hate it when I'm so pushed that I can't actually see what's going on. Standing and staring has been in very short supply. Even photos have only happened through the window of a speeding Volvo en route to Cardiff (no, I wasn't driving)...but the Severn bridge is a beautiful place to be, whatever the circumstance.


Rebecca said...

Ohhh, her room looks so pretty. *Misses own first year room*

1 i z said...

And she has the same duvet cover as yours truly!

I'm sure L will be settling in better than we probably dare think about. Which means my thoughts are free to be with you K - hope you're getting used to the new set-up.

And remember, when she forgets to ring, it's almost certainly because she's too busy having fun ;-)

serena said...


revabi said...

What a transition time you are going through. Must remind you of your time of going away to college.