Saturday, September 09, 2006

New kid in town.

A new school year always brings reminders of the alarming feeling of finding yourself the smallest possible fry in a pond full of sharks…but generally once past the stage of seeing your own precious offspring pass through the school gates for their first day in a new environment, these feelings are no more than memories.

Today, though, I had my very first experience of serving on the Gloucester Diocesan Synod.
I’ve been involved in ministry in this diocese for somewhere around 12 years now, and know, if not everybody who is anybody, then at least a reasonable proportion of those who are prepared to sacrifice their free time on a Saturday morning to serve on synod.
So, you’d assume there would be nothing unduly alarming about walking into a Cathedral that I’ve always claimed felt very much like home, to join assorted friends and acquaintances for that most uniting of experiences, a celebration of the Eucharist.

Unfortunately you’d be wrong.

To enter the quire at Gloucester Cathedral this morning turned out to be totally terrifying.
Even knowing what to expect.
Even acknowledging that I had every right to be there.
Even recognising and being greeted by lots of friendly faces.

Good experience…something to take home and remember when considering how to make visitors feel at home in the local church.

In other news, Special Friend Who Never Blogs was elected unanimously as Chair of the House of Clergy for the next 3 years of synod (we think she's the only woman currently holding this position in the whole C of E). I can't imagine how she'll find the time to do it, but I'm very proud of her...and I know she'll be great!

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Songbird said...

Oh, I hear you. When I had to get up and give a report to the Association as new Chair of Church and Ministry, I felt sure my skirt was hiked up and spinach on my teeth and I would not remember what to say. Terrifying!! Someone asked later if I had asthma. Good grief!