Sunday, September 17, 2006

I didn't laugh at the time...

but now I really have to!
Jonathan commented on my previous post that he'd felt a bit pressurised with two sermons to sort, but still a week away...and I had riposted that Friday was actually early for my sermon prep.
Fast forward to Saturday evening, when amid the usual wailings and gnashings of teeth, the curate was to be found beavering away at a sermon on prayer, inspired by Matthew 7.
We were going out for a family dinner (part of the process of sending Hattie on her way to uni rejoicing) but I left the sermon almost complete and departed in good heart.
Only, when I returned later to add the finishing touches, it had gone.
As if it had never been.was no more.
At this point, mindful of the need to rise in a fit state to preside at 8.00 I pulled the plug and went to bed...and have just now at 2.50, after spending all morning in church, finally completed the sermon for Evensong tonight. The theme? "Ask and you shall receive...? Really??". If you want it, it's here!

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Jonathan Hunt said...

I'll have nightmares now. Was it saved on a PC?