Friday, September 15, 2006

Time for a little frivolity?

Term has resumed with a vengeance, Hattie Ghandi's pre uni-shopping extravaganza is in full spate and WonderfulVicar has wisely taken the opportunity to disappear to furrin parts, so I’ve been a bit manic this week. Mind you, it's hard to see what I've actually achieved, beyond heaps of debris all over desk and floor...and a sort of generalised "time is short" grumpyness. Add to the mix some really miserable things happening to people I care about and I think the arrival of a parcel this morning was distinctly timely.

I first fell for them a year ago, but resisted temptation till I realised at Greenbelt that 3 Flemings (wth 6 feet between us) were laying claim to one pair of gumboots. The threat that wide fitting sizes were being discontinued provided the final catalyst. Even reduced, they were rather expensive,- and I'll feel pretty silly in them up at the yard but all the same, aren’t they FUN!

I feel like a toddler with first shoes,- very reluctant to remove them at all. I've just been shopping in them, but suspect they might be a Bit Too Much for this afternoon's interment of ashes.


fiona said...

They're wonderful and should I, as the secretary at work claimed she was about to, spontaneously combust in the neear future, you can certainly wear them to scatter my ashes.

Chelley said...

I love them!!

serena said...

Oh yay! I have pink wellies - "Tickled Pink" Breast Cancer ones - and I just adore them. Bright wellies are good wellies :)