Thursday, September 07, 2006

Identity changes

To whom it may concern

I write to inform you that the former Teen Wonder, middle child of the Curate known as Good in Parts, has this day decreed that he wishes to be referred to solely in his blogging persona as Hugger Steward (oh, the influence of GB stretches far and wide).
Meanwhile, e DarlingDaughter aka TeaThaimGirl is now and for the foreseeable future our very own Hattie Ghandi.
Hattie because she is to millinery what Imelda is to shoes.
Ghandi because…well, it’s a long looooooooooooooooong story involving a baby, a white bath towel with a hood and a mishearing of Mahatma. OK? Got it now???
Meanwhile, alternative noms de plumes are urgently required for LoudBoy , who really can’t go through life as Willy Nilly………so please take pity on a poor addled Curate and her son and find him something more suitable.
And I'll promise to try and do some sensible blogging on the morrow.


Songbird said...

Hmmm, we'll have to give Willy Nilly some thought.

Anonymous said...