Friday, September 15, 2006

The thief of time

When I saw this at Songbird's place, I presumed it was an alternative to the Friday Five,- but in fact it's something different, invented by ppb. Never mind, it works just as well as a means to procrastination. And I can still do the Five later...if I need to waste more time!

We are invited us to list the bloggers we’ve actually managed to meet/recognise irl…
Here’s my list, which was fun to compile, though I can’t actually imagine it will excite anyone else madly. But hey, it’s another means of deferring the moment of truth when I either have to a)tidy the study or
b) actually begin the sermon for Sunday Evening
(I think I might found a small pressure group, Curates Against the Evening Lectionary) .

Unlike the original, my list isn’t in chronological order, because so many are people whom I knew well before blogging was invented, - so I can’t always be sure who came first.
I’m certain about the earliest meeting , which dates from way back before I was married (though I didn’t realise he was the author of his blog for quite a while) and the most recent one, just a month ago. In between, well, it’s a gift to have met all of you….and I’m both startled and delighted by just how many of you there are. Comes of living on a small island, I guess.

1. Recusancy at the Rectory
2. Steve – a blog less ordinary
3. One Pedestrian
4. Reach out and Touch the Screen
5. Maggi
6. Freedom Bound
7. On earth as in heaven
8. Nearly Time
9. hencity
10. Hopeful Amphibian
11. Justtherev
12. Jonny
13. Barefoot in the Wilderness
14. Anne
15. John Davies
16. Paul Roberts
17. A raid on the inarticulate
18. ME19four
19. All mannner of thing
20. Serena
21. Songbird
22. Chelley
23. Dog Collars and Rabbit Corpses

Addendum 1
24. What's for Afters?

There have been several near misses too!I couldn't actually see very much of TallSkinnyKiwi from the back of the seminar tent at last year's Greenbelt, so I'm excluding him....and I have designs upon Storyteller's World sometime in the new year, when I'll be commuting to Oxford once a fortnight.
If I've missed you from the list, it probably doesn't mean that you are in any way negligible, but rather that you are so definitely a real person that I've forgotten you are also a blogger...or something. Anyway, if I have missed you out, I'm very very sorry, and will buy you chocolate when we next meet.

Edit: One bar of Divine duly awarded to Cal....whom I met so very recently that I'm utterly appalled at my amnesia. Would you prefer Milk or Dark. Cal? or the yummy Divine orange, which alas only seems to happen in smaller sizes!
Addendum 2
25. TallSkinnyKiwi
(Since Andrew says I can count him, I will ;-)- though I'm mostly ridiculously over-excited at his having visited my blog at all....)

Now, what do I do next? Study, sermon or the Friday Five?


ppolarbear said...

very impressive!

Jonathan Hunt said...

Ouch. I have two sermons to do for NEXT sunday and I think I'M up against it???

At last I feel at peace... I have found someone less prepared than me...


cal said...

I look forward to claiming my chocolate!!

Kathryn said...

But Jonathan, I'm EARLY!!!! It's not yet Saturday night...
Don't forget, if I preached for more than 12 minutes max, my congregation would walk out! I suspect yours sees things rather differently...

Jonathan Hunt said...

My congregation? hehehe

I preach in a few places at the mo but mostly where we are attending right now. You're right about the sermon length though...

People wouldn't be happy if I went less than 25 mins, I usually go about 35 but never over 40 mins.

Sermon prep the night before? OH man. I just can't imagine that. I'd need a lot of chocolate and diet coke I think...

aandrew jones (tallskinnykiwi) said...

back of the seminar tent still counts - especially since there were only about 3 people there . . .

Dr Moose said...

tallskinnykiwi must have been in a different seminar than the one I was in and thinking about then!