Thursday, July 27, 2006

More than you ever wanted to know about the Dean Sculpture Trail

Just because I'm having such fun with my wonderful wonderful new camera which TeaThaimGirl brought back from Hong Kong, you all have to see my piccies.
So, this very twiggy deer is in fact made of wire, which is kind of clever I think.....

and here's the decorated railway, plus a close up of one of the carvings

And the giant's chair (which could clearly do with re-caning, like many in the Curate's house!)
The view over the Forest from here is breathtaking, but blogger doesn't want you to see it, so you'll just have to meet me for a picnic and see for yourself!


Jonathan Hunt said...

Is that the mystical shadow of an heavenly angel in the third photo?

Kathryn said...

ermmmmmm ;-)

Rainbow dreams said...

Ahh yes somewhere we want to return to with the kids - we like sculpture trails :-)