Saturday, July 08, 2006

This week's sermon

is lurking here. At least that way you can't stumble upon it by accident. If you go looking for it, then I have to presume you quite want to read it,- so it's not my fault!
I feel very self-conscious posting sermons at all, but when I created the sermon blog the hope was that other St M's preachers would be willing to post their words too. In the event, though they all sounded enthusiastic, nobody is willing to commit their words to the ether....whereas I do so much soul baring in the public arena of my blog that it seems a bit bizarre to come over all coy when it comes to preaching. So, this is my solution. No obligation at all!

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see-through faith said...

So if you’re considering prayerfully what God wants you to do next, what new roads he may have prepared for you, don’t worry that you don’t have suitable footwear.

Great line Kathryn. Thanks