Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Now that's what I CALL a day off!

OK, so it started earlier than is truly restful, as I needed to despatch offspring in various directions,- but after that, yesterday was the perfect antidote to all the bad-tempered, non-achieving inertia that has prevailed lately. While TeenWonder did the obligatory adolescent boy sleep till noon, I made some sun-
dried tomato bread (just having it cooking makes the whole house a nicer place instantly, and has a matching effect on the curate) and a bit more cooking, wrote a few overdue letters and spent some happy time surfing. Then after a late late breakfast, TW, the dogs and I set out for the Forest of Dean, to fulfill a long held ambition to walk some of the sculpture trail. There did seem to be more than our fair share of roadworks and diversions about the place, which were wearing once the dogs started their "Are we nearly there, mum" whines...but despite some memorably appalling signposts we made it eventually, and it was so utterly worth the effort. Walking through woodland on a hot sunny day is a pretty good start, with shadows dappling the ground ahead and clouds of butterflies dancing ahead of us. Add to this the company of two ecstatic dogs, and the unexpected pleasures of sculptures places where we'd just happen upon them (we never did find the official start of the trail, where there were maps of the whole thing, so we were constantly surprised, though sometimes confused) and the day couldn't fail. TW and I both love walking, - and it was hugely relaxing not to have to worry about other family members who are less keen....He doesn't even mind my irritating habit of stopping to take photographs every few yards. He even co-operates with them!

Apart from this strange troll-like creature nestling amid the tree roots, we encountered a deer and, later, an amazing railway line to nowhere, with each cross-piece (there must be a proper name for these, but I'm blowed if I can remember it) carved with wonderful shapes. Irritatingly it was here that Dillon the evil Jack Russel decided to play with a Very Large Dog Indeed, who was so terrified that he took to his heels, - forcing us to put both our dogs on the lead and abandon photography for a while. Later on, as we returned to the car,we found a giant's chair from which to enjoy views of trees as far as the eyes can see.* The wooded hills of the Forest of Dean always have a very Middle-Earth flavour to me,- but it was too hot to quest yesterday, so we drove home exulting in the presence of air conditioning in the new car (the first time I've ever had it) and playing silly mother/son games.
Even found an ice cream at the moment we wanted one!
And then, last night, I had a lovely supper at The Fromebridge Mill with 2 of my best friends from vicar-school. Blissful day...I feel really quite like myself again!

* blogger is currently in the foul mood that I was in earlier, and refused to load photos. I'll post them separately, later....and reconsider switching to type pad! Grrrrr.


reverendmother said...

Sounds divine!!!

sally said...

K, it sounds perfect..a lvoey day, walking in the Forest, two doggies and a TW for company..a car with air conditioning!!!! and ice creams.....what more could you want!!! glad it did you good xx

Lorna said...

loved this ... you are such a blessing and I'm so pleased you've made time to unwind and be re-filled.

1 i z said...

What a lovely day off. Sounds totally fab!

1 i z said...

PS is the term you're looking for re the railway, 'sleepers'?

Kathryn said...

I think I thought those were the long wooden bits that the rails sat on, not the cross pieces...Does it apply to both? does it matter anyway??!