Saturday, July 15, 2006

Thereby hangs a tale

ppb, in her innocence, asked what I meant by "becotta'd" in the previous post,- a totally reasonable enquiry, as there is almost certainly no such word! I meant to imply that said fussy servers were, of course, wearing cottas as part of their liturgical dress. A cotta is a short surplice - i.e. the white garment that these 2 gents are wearing. Unlike a surplice, it often comes with lace trimming and tends to be worn only in places of distinctly catholic churchmanship.
Which brings me to the story...
An unmarried priest I know was leading a mission weekend in the parish of an old college friend, and arrived on the Friday evening to discover that, due to a communications breakdown he had been booked a double room at the local B&B. He checked in and left his case, then went off to the first session of the weekend, returning home quite late. His hostess met him in the hall on his return, and told him that she'd taken the liberty of unpacking his night things when she went up to turn down his bed. Imagine, if you will, his delight when he saw that she had, with exquisite tact, placed his pyjamas on one pillow and, on the other, his lovely lacey cotta. A holy nightie :-)

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