Sunday, July 23, 2006

Terminal inertia

having been the order of the day in these parts (a combination of thoroughly un-British temperatures, a garden backing onto a primary school filled with de-mob happy children and the fact that none of my offspring seem to need to do anything much for the next 6 weeks) there's not been alot worth blogging. On Friday we were at a barbecue for Local Ministry teams, Readers and clergy from across the deanery- and I was lamenting the non-achievements of the week. Rural Dean said, in a friendly way,
"Remember it's about being as much as doing"
to which my only retort was
"Yes, but not about being a grumpy old cow..."
Which pretty much sums up the week.
Who was it who introduced me to those pernicious marbles, again?
However, there was a wonderful storm yesterday, with gallons of rain, and the atmosphere has freshened perhaps this will have an impact on my state of mind too.
Today I'm off the preaching hook, but have 2 very different baptisms back to back this afternoon. One of them is a 10 year old, who lives in Australia with his mum...but wanted to be baptised with all his UK family around him. The other is a baby girl whose parents have had to fight quite a sustained battle with one set of grandparents to bring their daughter to baptism at all.
It's been very special to be part of both journeys (one by email). Prayers for all involved would be welcome.

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