Thursday, July 13, 2006

Reasons to be cheerful...

though short of blogging inspiration at the moment, there are some happy things happening

  • came home just now to the smell of warm bread...I am still devoted to my breadmaker, 5 months on
  • our first veg box from the (incredibly) local organic greengrocer has arrived, and included the best peach I have eaten in ages. It tasted of summer childhoods, and has made me smiley as well as sticky. And everything else in the box looks wonderful too, has impeccable credentials and came from suppliers only 15 mins away by bike. Wheeee!
  • have now been using "Ecoballs" instead of washing detergent for nearly 2 weeks, and they actually seem to work...which is really good news with a family who create as much washing as this one.
  • WonderfulVicar is home from his hols, and I've not managed to kill anyone crucial or empty the church completely
  • I opened the front door last night, to encounter a truly lovely cake produced by OpenHouse mum as a thank you for letting her art group use the church
  • School term ends tomorrow week...then 6 glorious weeks without morning rush, afternoon negotiations (if I pick up at 3.15, can you get X to Y for 5.00) or 3.00 curfew to bring me home from anywhere exciting on days off
Speaking of which, it's time I went or LoudBoy (who is in the market for a new blogname, if those who know him have any suggestions) will be sure I've forgotten him. No chance, truly!


Rainbow dreams said...

Wow - ecoballs, sound fantastic - might just have to give them a go - football mud and grassy cricket whites though??
And have fun in the holidays - I can't wait :-)

Kathryn said...

Not great on grass stains, Katie, but fine for everyday dirt...and I was having to scrub or soak cricket stuff anyway. Mine avoid football as far as is humanly possible, so that's less of an issue.

Rainbow dreams said...

Thanks, think I will try them, especially as I do all the chalet linen aswell!