Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 - a year in blog posts

In common with my beloved Songbird, and doubtless one or two others, I am indulging in the "first sentences meme"...
The following paragraph of relative nonsense is formed from the first paragraph of the first post of each month of 2008. Nothing earth-shaking, but here we go

I’m hoping that beloved Baby Car has not started the year as he means to go on. Iceland was fabulous thank you. Mothering Sunday here in the UK, which made for a busy weekend.
Apologies for the break in transmission, but there has been more going on in my life over the past two weeks than any woman can reasonably cope with. Ascension Day again and a strange kaleidoscope of images drifted through my mind as I fell asleep last night. During a memorable conversation at the Midnight Buffet during the B.E, some of us were reduced to near hysteria by tales of “the worst ________ever”. I found this in my inbox just now, and it seems substantially more important than most other things I am likely to engage with today. Lovely holiday, thank you for asking. The week so far has been action-packed to the point of exhaustion. The lovely Libby is growing by leaps and bounds (of which there are plenty) , but is distressingly camera-shy. Because I don’t have enough to do, I’m going to attempt NaBloPoMo again this year. When I was last with the Best SpirDir Ever, we agreed that I should sort out a Quiet Day once a month, and a full retreat before too long.

Clearly next year I will have to write with this meme in mind - it's disturbing how utterly meaningless those sentences make my year - but I am sure it all made perfect sense at the time!

eta Dammit. Baby Car was clearly reading over my shoulder, as Hattie Gandhi has just limped home from her New Year's celebrations, having had him grind to a halt twice in the course of a relatively short and straightforward journey. He is a year older than her, so approaching 23 now...but really, Baby Car, get a grip! Life can be a bit tooo cyclical.

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marcella said...

Well, I note that baby car is still around and that Libby is indeed still growing and still lovely.
Easter was also followed by Ascension Day so that part makes sense too.
HAPPY NEW YEAR and may 2009 make even more sense and be full of wonderful things both in blogs and in real life