Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Wise words

from Archbishop Rowan yesterday

We have... a story, a drama to show you: if you live inside it, letting your own life be lit up and shown to you afresh by it, you may find that it begins to mould your story and give you a new sense of what's possible. Here's the story of how the maker of everything became part of the world he'd made – letting go of his mystery and otherness to be one of us, so that we might find our way into the mystery and otherness of his love and discover a new way of being at home with ourselves and at home in the universe. This is a lifetime's work .

It was also the task that confronted Mary, as the angel appeared to her

God our Father
the angel Gabriel told the Virgin Mary
that she was the be the mother of your Son.
Though Mary was afraid
she responded with joy to your call
Help us, whom you call to serve you
to share like her in your great work
of bringing to our world your love and healing.
We ask this through Jesus Christ
the light who is coming into the world.


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