Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Behind the windows 1

I know it's Wednesday now, but because this is my first Advent here I want to do a bit of retrospective blogging so that I have some sort of record of how things were.what worked and what didn't.
So, here's a mini Advent calendar of moments I don't want to lose from the week so far

The weekend was, to put it simply, manic.
Saturday saw another foray into creative muddle with Messy Advent. There weren't quite as many children in attendance as at Harvest time (around 30 signed the visitors' book) but those who came really engaged with the activities and once again as the shadows lengthened on a wintery afternoon the church hummed with activity and sparkled with pleasure (and just a little bit of glitter glue). Christingles and biscuits, lanterns and angel choirs, and all sorts of wonderful projects with coloured card, sponges and glitter gradually came into being...

I was specially pleased that the helpers included a few different faces - and on the whole they seemed to have a lovely time too. Just as well, as the plan is to make "messy church" into a monthly activity from the New Year. I still need to be sure that I have a strong core team who want to commit every time, but it's wonderful that there are extra people who are happy to support and step into any breaches that might appear. I don't expect many of the helpers are reading, but if you are THANK YOU - it was such a good afternoon.

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