Monday, December 29, 2008

The rewards of labour

As anyone reading here before Christmas will have gathered, I was scarily unprepared for any celebrations at all in terms of home and family. The church stuff was sorted to the best of my abilities (and I've taken note of the things I need to approach differently next year) but the vicarage might well have been situated in Narnia during the reign of the White Witch until the very last minute.
At that point my wonderful children moved in to action...Stockings were MADE by Hattie Gandhi...Cake made and iced by the Dufflepud...Presents wrapped and stockings filled on my behalf...Even the mincepies were taken care of.
So these happily ensconced bookworms sighted on Christmas night had undoubtedly earned every moment of reading pleasure...though I bet they weren't enjoying their books as much as I am enjoying having them hereabouts for a while.


jo(e) said...

Ah, it's so wonderful when the kids pitch in! How cosy everyone looks.

1 i z said...

It does indeed look like the height of cosiness.

Seeing all three of the lovelies thus, made me smile...and I know how much more you'll be enjoying it.

Hugs to all!