Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Behind the windows 4

And so the week has continued.
After the high glories of Cathedral Advent, Monday evening saw Church in the Valley hosting the Christmas event for Stroud & District MenCap.
The congregation consisted largely of "adult children" with a few carers and friends.I have no idea how I am supposed to describe them, in order to satisfy political correctness...I just know they were a joy to welcome to the church, with their infectious enthusiasm, their directness, their warmth.
OK, so nothing, but NOTHING was done decently and in order - but the love that filled the church on Monday evening will continue to encourage and inspire me in the weeks ahead, I know.
Not for nothing that Jesus chose a child to model the Kingdom.


Chris said...

Thank you so much, Kathryn, for this inspiring series of posts!

You've reminded me to

"look for [God's] coming among us this day" and to "open [my] eyes to behold [God's] presence"

Cal said...

"Decency" in terms of church order is overrated if you ask me.

Sounds wonderful.