Friday, December 19, 2008

Magic moments - or "The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light"

Friday being my day off, yesterday of course featured an end-of-term assembly at the miracle- working school which is just up the hill (though, confusingly, very much serving parish in the valley) Unfortunately for them, we all spent most of the morning without electricity - and a brief period of grace when lights blazed proved to be just another false dawn. This meant that their plans to present a selection of modern carols and songs, using words projected for the benefit of parents and friends, had to be jettisoned in favour of the 3 old favourites they were sure that everyone would know, and that instead of just sitting there benignly waiting to offer a prayer and blessing I was pressed into service to tell a story to spin things out a bit. No problem. I love telling stories to primary school children so I launched into one of my favourite Chritmas stories, the legend of the Glow worm. (Ask nicely if you don't know it, and I might post a version later on - it doesn't appear to be hiding anywhere on the net) I had just got to the moment when the Christ child stretches out his hand to touch the sad little worm, who feels all warm and happy and begins to glow with a wonderful light when.........

yup..........every light in the place came on. If I'd arranged it, the timing could not have been better. Cue cheers, applause and a rousing chorus of "Light a candle in the window" - and that was it. Term over. Christmas begun, for at least one group of splendid children who (if they did but know it) shone more brightly than anything else in the room. Oh, this is such a lovely job!

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Sarah S-D said...

how very cool. totally worth doing on a day off.

thanks for all your love my way of late.

may your christmas be blessed.