Sunday, April 09, 2006

Going up to Jerusalem : John Harvey

Jesus as we start once again to follow you
On the way of the cross
We are apprehensive.
For we are not sure of ourselves.
On our journey
We have often been very afraid,
Sought soft options,
Often fudged the sharp solution.
On our journey we have often tried to hide
Our real selves
From others
From ourselves
And from you.
We, who dare to say
We are following you
Know how faltering are our footsteps
How delicate our discipleship
How feeble our faith.

Yet still you call us
By name
And invite us into your company
And onto your road.
So give us the courage
And the commitment we need;
Help us to look out for one another on the road
Show us how we may share the duty
And the joy of discipleship
Knowing that in the end
It is you who have blazed the trail,
You who will accompany us all the way
You who will meet us on the road
And say our name. Amen.

From Eggs and AshesPractical & Liturgical Resources for Lent and Holy Week ed Ruth Burgess and Chris Polhill, Wild Goose Pubs

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