Saturday, April 08, 2006

New toy

This is soooooo cool! I am sitting up in bed blogging on our new and utterly wonderful laptop! It arrived via ebay and the negotiating skills of TeenWonder but is actually rather better than the one we actually purchased, thanks to a pretty impressive crop of gremlins that afflicted the vendor well and truly. Being a thoroughly nice man, said vendor ended up upgrading our purchase substantially, and the version which arrived here is if not quite an Armadillo, then something very similar, "a dilloing in its armour...". It is unbelievably works in every room...and I think I may be in love :-) Of course I do realise the inherent danger that I may now lead my entire life here online....but in the interests of such sanity as remains in the world I will fight this impulse. But, seriously, it IS lovely!

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jo(e) said...

Oh, the wonders of a laptop. Now there is no reason to get out of bed.

I can never figure out if it's the best thing that ever happened to me, or the worst.