Wednesday, April 12, 2006

He suffered under Pontius Pilate

I don’t like it.
This posting to Judea hasn’t been easy at any point. I don’t understand the Jews…the way their religion infiltrates every area of their lives. They seem to be obsessed with it. Wouldn’t even let me use Temple funds to build an aqueduct, even though the country is desperately short of water in some areas…
Downright upitty, they were.
Didn’t sound like a conquered people at all….
I’ve tried to show them that they are subject to the might of Rome…that it has got us places that their endless catalogues of religious laws and observances never got them. Not sure they’ve grasped it, though, even now.
Take their attitude to this Jesus man.
He seems innocuous enough…actually, quite impressive in his own way. He has a kind of deep, quiet dignity which is rather attractive…I can see why people have followed him, listened to him.
But the Jews see it differently.
To be honest, I’d like to get him off my hands…release him with a community service order and maybe ban people from congregating around him…but he’s harmless in himself, I’m sure of it.
Only, he’s not now, because of the way the crowd has turned.
I may have to sacrifice him to the cause of peace….He should like that, he seems to have pacificist leanings….wouldn’t let his followers defend him when he was arrested. And they look a pretty pathetic rabble now…Whereas the crowd outside the Praetorium is large and sounds ugly. I can hear them now, baying for blood….If I release Jesus, there will be a riot, people will be hurt and my position compromised. I can’t afford that. I have my political career to consider….I don’t need unfavourable reports getting back to Rome.
Oh, and I wish my wife would stay out of politics. Just got a message that she’d had a dream that I ought to avoid involvement with this Jesus.
She’s right, of course. I ought to, but its too late now.
I AM involved and I have to do something…
Roman law is based on human rights. I can’t condemn an innocent man but if I let him go, others will suffer. Civil unrest is a terrible thing.
Perhaps after all a compromise is possible.
As long as I’m seen to dissociate myself from events, they can’t possibly be my fault. If the crowd want him dead, they can tell me so loudly and publicly. And I’ll give them a really obvious alternative, someone theyd be mad to want back among them. That notorious villain Barabbus should fit the bill.
With a choice like that, even the Jews will surely show a little common sense. If not, well,
Time for a little symbolic hand washing I think….
Truth? No time for that. Not sure it even exists in this world of political expediency….Not sure at all.

Father, forgive me when I take the soft option
When I sacrifice your truth for the sake of an easy life.
Thank you that, however often I fail
You will never wash your hands of me.


Songbird said...

That's good stuff, Kathryn.

Rachel said...

Thanks for that Kathryn, good stuff to read and think on as I start the day.

How tempting an easy life is, so often...and yet how unfulfilling it ultimately is.