Friday, April 07, 2006

Holy Ground

I’m not long home from such a special experience….A lady from the congregation, who has been a very long time a-dying, finally departed this evening. Her daughter phoned me straight afterwards and I went to the nursing home, where M’s room was filled with her family crying, laughing, loving her and each other with so much tenderness and honesty it was the most amazing privilege to be there.
In the end I spent a couple of hours, as more family members arrived in waves, and everyone seemed to feel that I should be there to pray with each group. During the whole time, everyone was completely natural and comfortable around M, holding her hand, stroking her hair, talking to her with just the same easy loving familiarity that had characterised earlier visits. At times we drank tea and ate chocolate, at times we read Scripture and prayed, at times everyone wept. The hardest time was when her husband, who’d been there for so many days and nights, finally decided he should go home…leaving his wife of 55 years.
But there was so much laughter and so many blessings given and received.
Thank you, M….I learned much from your last days, and even more from your wonderful family. Go well in the peace of Christ.


Emily said...

It's so hard to explain to people outside that these are some of the most fulfilling moments.

jo(e) said...

This brought back memories for me. When my aunt died six years ago, we gathered around her in much the same way. Those are such amazing moments.