Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Stunning. Go if you can...



The play starts and ends at the cross. Above us, Christ hangs crucified. At his feet we gather, shoulder to shoulder with those who knew him. As they witness his suffering, their stories, told in flashback and dramatic re-creation, speak of their own suffering and the mercy they found at his hands.
The script is divided into six episodes to create space for other expressions of worship and reflection arising directly out of the drama.
The whole presentation becomes a powerful act of remembrance which is both participatory and reflective. Threaded with moments of great joy and celebration, robustly and full-bloodedly performed, Calvary uncovers a deep connection between the audience’s ordinary and extraordinary sufferings and the crucifixion of Christ. (From the Riding Lights website)

Here might I stay and sing:
No story so divine;
Never was love, dear King,
Never was grief like thine!
This is my Friend
in whose sweet praise

I all my days
could gladly spend.

Post Script: it occurrs to me that in a week of much ministry, in which so many of us will be responsible for enabling worship for others, this was the most amazing gift...the opportunity to stand at the foot of the cross, without responsibility for anyone else, and to worship. I am so very thankful.

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Anna said...

We sang that hymn this past Sunday. One of my very favorites.

What a powerful experience this must have been. So glad you were able to worship this week along with helping others to.