Thursday, April 06, 2006

Grrrrrrrr (bad tempered Curate alert)

It's just after 10.30 and I've just got in from the first meeting of the new PCC...
Leaving aside the fact that by 10.00 we have all lost the will to live, and would vote to ban Christmas if we thought it would get us home sooner, tonight's meeting was pretty much as usual. We voted in favour of a new proposal that might make it possible for us to actually get on with re-ordering St David's Chapel without blood on the carpet. This was greeted with universal enthusiasm and hearty cheers...I would share them, except that I have been suggesting this particular route through the whole morass for something over a year...
But of course, I'm a woman and therefore both invisible and inaudible at times like this.
I repeat.


Caroline said...

ahhh but as you well know now they OWN the idea and you can slip out as quietly as you came in .... grinning smugly with a bright shiny 'enabling' halo firmly in place. Surely taht's what it's all about really. Where's the fun othjrewise?

Tony said...

I know you're always saying your Vicar is Wonderful, and I'm sure it must be true. But why does a PCC meeting go on so late? (Unless it doesn't start till 9?)

Our agendas say, after the date and time:

The meeting will end at 9.30 p.m., when any unfinished business will be deferred to the next meeting, or an extraordinary extra meeting arranged.

With a bit of tough chairing, this really concentrates people's minds.

Lorna said...

what's interesting (and yes infuriating) is that your idea is being acted upon. And that's good :)

1 i z said...

I'm not sure whether it would be good or bad if your PCC stumbled across this blog ;-)

I sympathise with the feeling. I used to get this all the time when I was that scary thing "the first female engineer they had ever worked with". I'm not entirely sure what's changed, maybe it's because I've earnt my stripes the hard way, or maybe it's because I've learnt to make sure my voice isn't ignored?

At least that's what I blam my gobby nature on - it was pure survival I tell you ;-)