Wednesday, February 14, 2007

After a shaky start

the day was rescued in style by young Dufflepud (on his half-term break), with whom the dogs and I enjoyed a splendid expedition to discover the Severn flood-plane in and around Deerhurst.
It was a beautiful spring-like day which made it very hard to believe that the last walk we'd taken together had been through a blizzard, though the flooded meadows told another story, and we frequently found the road ahead under water.
I'd actually forgotten how beautiful this part of the world can be,- we had a wonderful time, but only travelled 50 miles round trip from home, (just a few miles more than the normal school run) . Really good to relax together.Somehow, that just doesn't happen enough.

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marcella said...

Beautiful picture - that one's being set as my background at work on Friday - I'm choosing a different pic each week, have the snow on the A40 at the moment but need to change to reflect the different weather now.