Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ms Average confronts reality

Just home from the "Speed Awareness" course I was offered as an alternative to nasty points on my licence...and very interesting, if sobering, it was too.

I was absolutely "average" in every area of the tests we were given, which pretty much supports my view that I drive safely but unimaginatively,-.and tend to have "better things" to think about along the way. I was appalled by how intensely I concentrated on video "hazard perception" tests (after 3o minutes I emerged with knuckles white and blood pressure raised) in contrast to the way I concentrate when I'm driving for real.I've thought of driving time, with some pleasure, as my space to consider God, life, everything...but maybe not the road.

Even more appalled by the demonstrations of the damage wrought at assorted speeds. At the 33mph for which I was booked, the poor dummy was carried for several metres on the bonnet of the car...Once speeds exceeded 40, it was so unfunny that I'm not going to write about it - but if you were behind me on the A40 this evening as I came home, I'm sorry if you were bored, but truly, that was the fastest I could morally manage.

Every now and then (or possibly more often than that) its good to remember how dangerous cars really are.
Please, oh lovely people about whom I care, drive carefully.

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marcella said...

Shan't be driving at all for a couple of days as the purple peril has failed its MOT. ATM I'm really rather relieved that cyclists don't have to have either driving tests (failed my cycling proficiency at school) or MOTs for the vehicle, but I WILL try to modify my speed and concentrate on the road when I get the wee beasie back.