Saturday, February 03, 2007

A dufflepud is born!

Youngest son has long had an ambition to try his hand at coracling,- inspired in part by early identification with Reepicheep the mouse. and by a happy chance one of my very favourite people on the planet has in her possession a coracle. Add to this mixture two clergy without sermons to preach tomorrow, a dry Saturday and a duck-weed covered stretch of canal and a very happy morning is the result. Amazingly, the change of clothes we'd brought with us went home untouched...This child is far more balanced in every respect than his mother!

As a means of travel, coracling makes even narrow-boating seem speedy,- so we marched up and down the towpath a bit in an effort to keep warm,while he paddled along. Lots to see ...I'm almost regretting not joining in the Project 365 as I find outings with Biggles the camera oddly addictive. I've never been a visual person, but knowing that mistakes cost nothing, I'm getting bolder by the minute.
Mind you, as J and the coracle drifted away from the shore, he looked not so much like Reepicheep as some other characters from The Voyage of the Dawn Treader...the newly visible monopod dwarves, the Dufflepuds. In fact, from henceforth I propose to give no 2 son a new nom- de-blog...the Dufflepud.


Songbird said...

We love the Dufflepuds! This looks like such fun; I'm glad he enjoyed himself!

Caroline said...

sounds wonderful! glad he's found a new hobby - and name. it certainly suits him! Dufflepud. I like that :) hug him for me!

marcella said...

It looks great fun. When I was small I spent hours making miniature boats out of walnut shells for the fairies. The idea must have come from a book but I can't remember which one but the coracle definitely reminds me of them - not of course that I'm calling the dufflepud a fairy of course.

Giles said...

Tha've gotta stop changing our names so often - even I'm finding it difficult to keep up, and I am me