Friday, February 23, 2007

A quick apology

I've just been informed by the LLLL people that signing up on line does not mean you get the daily actions, but rather "updates of the campaign" you either have to buy the book, subscribe to the daily sms service (which costs, of course) or visit the website daily. Not quite as instantly easy, but not too bad really.
I'll try to say more about the day's action later, but meanwhile, in case you were anxious about it,
Give up your place to someone who is in a rush, in traffic or a shop queue

Right...back to trying to make bread out of sermon stones! Too much to say, for once...


Songbird said...

Don't forget your chat buddy when you are writing tomorrow! I'll be turning over stones, too.

sally said...

Altho I'm not commenting much, I really love reding your blogs, and they give me something to think about - always - and connect with - lvoe you xxx