Sunday, February 04, 2007

Theology by love-heart

Marcella has already remarked on the broad range of theology to be found in a packet of love-hearts...and having just returned home from Open House I can only agree with her.
Our theme for this afternoon, following the Lectionary, was "Catch!" - so we had a fair bit of happy mayhem involving acting out the miraculous catch, and entangling as many children as possible in a net before sending them off to share the message they'd been given with everyone else in church.
Later on, they were given a tangible reminder of the message in the form of love-hearts...Yes, it's tacky. Yes, eating more than a couple can definitely make you feel rather sick...but nonetheless, there's great scope here for a station in the next St Mary's labyrinth.
Messages from God included
"Be Mine""All Mine" "I Love You" "Real Love" "Forever" and , delightfully, "Let's dance"....while one response at least echoed this morning's reading from Isaiah "Send me".
So next time I'm stuck for a sermon, I might just pull a random collection of love hearts out of a packet and see where they take me. Meanwhile, there are several people I need to communicate with...choose a sweet, go on,- there's
"Best Mate" "Bless You" "Hug Me" "You Angel" "Love you"...


1 i z said...

Hmmm would I seem very cynical if I said I felt more in the mood for ASDA's take on Lovehearts the Whatevers?

Purechristianithink said...

That's a great idea!

Sue said...

How lovely!

Lorna said...

loved the net idea ... and I remember lovehearts - no idea they still made them ... sweet :)

ASDA's whatevers sound sad in comparision! or post-modern!

Caroline said...

thank you for your sweets, love and theology - not necssarily in that order...they are all much appreciated. xC