Wednesday, February 07, 2007

School Run

-6 degrees when the boys and I got into the car this morning...The drive over to Burford was utterly stunning in its deep-frozen beauty. Can't believe that once upon a time my "school run" would have involved the stop-start nightmare of London's South Circular.
It took me a while to get home this morning, as I had to keep stopping to take photos. A few more on flickr.


marcella said...

Makes me wish I could get organised enough to take my camera around with me too. It was a lovely cycle into work today, although if I'd stopped to take photos I'd have frozen. Dreaming of making snowmen and having hot chocolate instead of squash tomorrow.

Lorna said...

south circular - nasty!!!!

beautiful pics here Kathryn

I walked today - even though it was MINUS 27 C in the morning and still only -22 C at lunchtime.

glad you stopped and snapped some awesome shots! Digital cameras are such fun aren't they?

Songbird said...

Gorgeous pictures!