Sunday, February 04, 2007

Explanatory Note

Since my older son seems confused, it's possible one or two others are equally at a here goes. For the foreseeable future, these are the essential facts about the GoodinParts family.
We live at Privet Drive, in a house provided by the diocese of Gloucester, because I, Mummy GoodinParts, am more commonly known as The Curate.
I'm married to Longsuffering Clockmaker, and we have 3 children
  1. Hattie Gandhi, in her first year of reading English at Cardiff University,
  2. Hugger Steward, who currently has more hair than I've had hot dinners, and is in his A level year at school, and
  3. the Dufflepud, his younger brother.
We share Privet Drive with 2 terriers and 3 cats and provide a nature reserve for the house-dust mite to boot. Truffle the horse is glad to report that he lives elsewhere, - though there's currently so little grazing amid the mud, he might actually be better off in our miniscule garden.

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Jonathan Hunt said...

And to think I spent months working all this out...