Friday, February 16, 2007

Is this shipwreck?

I’ve spent this morning trying to do some reading and thinking, with scant success.
One reason for this is that the Evil Dillon has decided that simply barking whenever somebody passes by is no longer sufficient. Now he is barking whenever somebody breathes. What’s more, he’s barking at Mufti if she refuses to join in and bark with him. It’s becoming distinctly unrestful...
Murder is more likely by the second.

Another, more serious reason for my distraction is that I’m horribly aware that things may be coming to a head at the Primates’ meeting in Tanzania. It appears that Archbishop Akinola is currently in conversation with the conservatives of the Global South, while the official discussions continue in another room. To me, that doesn’t sound good. While the Primates are all talking together, there remains hope that they may actually listen to one another, and to God,- surely the point of the whole exercise.
There are people of all persuasions blogging directly from White Sands, (Inclusive Church here, Changing Attitudes here) and I’m checking Thinking Anglicans and my bloglines subs at regular intervals. Clearly there is nothing whatever I can do, or contribute…but it feels very much the same as waiting for news from a distant hospital where someone you love is struggling for life.
It’s hard to settle to anything, so instead will you pray with me?

Heavenly Father, in your Son Jesus Christ
You reconicle* the world to yourself.
Forgive us when our own hurt and anger drowns out your voice.
Forgive us when our divisions distort your image
and hinder the proclamation of your Gospel of freedom for all.
Give us that love that drives out fear
So that we may journey on together
In the unity which is your gift and your will
Through that same Jesus Christ, our Lord

*This should, of course, read "Reconcile" but to correct it now would be to deprive Mary's comment of its raison d' instead of praying, you're probably giggling weakly - but that's fine. We need a few laughs amid all this


Mary said...

I settled down to pray with you, and then came up against the wonderful word "reconicle". It definitely must mean something... possibly to do with the Southern Cone?

Kathryn said...

Oh Mary,- thank you...that has cheered me up so so much. I don't think I've laughed this much all week....That'll teach me to get earnest and down in the mouth, won't it?!?

Anne said...

It's obviously derived from "rechronicle" - to retell a story...

or maybe not ;-)