Monday, February 19, 2007

Primates notwithstanding

there were some splendid moments yesterday, - mostly grouped around this

We've gone for it in a big way at St M's, and I had such fun handing out smiley booklets to some of the older members of the congregation, who clearly thought that I'd finally lost it, but took one anyway to humour me. Now all they need to do is open it!
It was a success, too, at the Youth Group...with even the cool footballing fringe taking their booklets away cheerfully, and sparked some great conversation around spreading kindness.
The idea is "to inspire you to perform acts of generosity that encourage kindness to ourselves, our neighbours and our planet" via a series of actions, one for each day of Lent. Some will demand very little of us, but one or two may push us beyond our comfort zones,- I certainly hope so, anyway.

Right now, though, I'm quite simply excited at the idea of Ch Kings becoming (even for 6 weeks) the sort of place where people intentionally do positive things for their community. The inside front cover of the booklet shows both of our C of E Archbishops in happier times, endorsing the project
"These actions could seriously affect you and the world you live in"
Wouldn't that be lovely!
You can sign up to have the actions emailed to you, or texted to your mobile too.
Actually, you can't. I got that completely wrong...but if you visit the website, the day's action is there. Apologies for confusion.

I did wonder if it might work for a blogging community, but suspect not - but it would be good to know who else is doing it (if only so I know which of my friends will understand if I turn up on their doorstep with an apple one day next week!),- so do post in the comments if you are going to join in.

Now...what do I have to do today? Ah...make someone laugh . Just had lunch with special friend - lots of laughter there...and another friend is coming over to watch "Life of Brian" tonight, so things are getting off to a good start, and it's not even Shrove Tuesday yet!


marcella said...

If the b*&&ers won't laugh can we hit them and make them cry instead?
Going to try to make SOMEONE laugh - does putting the radio on and letting Paul Merton do it count?

Anonymous said...

Oh! Those kinds of primates ....


Mary said...

We haven't gone for it in a big way, but the Wednesday morning fellowship is going to follow the course and see how we get on.
I fear that a party today is beyond me though.

Songbird said...

I *really* like the idea of your showing up on my doorstep next week, with or without an apple. I'll be waiting...

Sue said...

Sounds a great idea to me. I'm not in the UK so don't really know anything about this, but I've signed up for emails at the site and will see what happens. Thanks for mentioning it.