Friday, February 09, 2007

Oddly uninviting

For some reason I feel rather less than enthusiastic about my customary mode of transport today. On normal days, my bike is blue with a black saddle, and the basket has space for the eclectic essentials of a morning out and about in Ch Kings. Today, it is as you see white all over, and the basket is full to the brim with snow. Perhaps I'll just stay in, till I postively have to go somewhere. I do need to get to Oxford in a couple of hours (no problem once I've got out of Privet Drive, I'm sure, though there's more snow falling as I type) and, more seriously, Hugger Steward is due to leave Burford at 4.00 am tomorrow for a flight from Heathrow to Berlin. (A level History trip to places of WW2 significance, including Krakow, lucky boy)
I fear that the roads will be really good fun by then if this weather continues...


marcella said...

I came to work this morning by bike. I ignored the comments as i rode by of "that's B&** dangerous on a day like today" but am seriously regretting it now and the idea of battling uphill on the journey home is less than appealing.

SpookyRach said...

I love your bike! I would love to ride to work. (I'm just too chicken to do 4 miles each way.)

I would love to see your pictures. I couldn't find your email address but mine is spookyrach at gmail dot com. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!