Friday, February 02, 2007


Lovely Assembly this morning at the infants' school.
We talked about how the star that had been on the church tower since Christmas no longer shone there today, and carefully packed away my Asian crib.
I told them the story of the Presentation, letting them work out for themselves why candles are the symbol for today, and what we might really mean by describing Jesus as a light for people everywhere.
Then we turned the hall lights off, lighting one large "Jesus candle" and prepared to put it away as well, leaving the hall in darkness.
We stopped just in time, to allow a member of each class to light a tea light from the big flame first, and the children stood, holding their lights for a moment of intense silence before we prayed.

Very simple.
Very obvious.
But holy, for all that.

Starmaker God,
Lightener of the world;
bless us and warm us
into life and loving.
Bring us to the light of Jesus
all the length and breadth
of our nights and days.

Ruth Burgess: A Book of Blessings and how to write your own
Wild Goose Publications, The Iona Community.


Songbird said...

That sounds so lovely.

Purechristianithink said...

Very nice. I like Ruth Burgess's work.