Sunday, February 11, 2007

I'm very much afraid it's true!

Found this while looking for a picture for the previous post, and am presenting my rating in only slightly flippant mode. It didn't take long yesterday for me to realise that Sloth is indeed the besetting sin of this particular ENFP. Procrastination and a dislike of closure? Mmmnnn...that's the one.
David explained that it typically features a refusal to grapple with the situation that confronts us, becuase it is too difficult, too we move on, appearing restless, even energetic, but always refusing to engage, to acknowledge that it is in this situation, here and now, that we will find God. surprise at my scores!



Wrath:Very Low



Lust:Very Low


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Sue said...

me too! Low or very low in everything other than sloth, and that one high. Not that it's any surprise, of course. (Did you also rate 'sleeping till noon at weekends' as the one thing you'd have no moral objections to?!) Myers-Briggs INFJ here, but probably more significantly is Enneagram type 9, for which sloth is the associated sin.