Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Love Life Live Lent 3

After laughter and partying, today's action was to be silent...
On a day off, that's quite easy to achieve, but thanks to the after-effects of yesterday I was able to find not just silence but peace too. It's been a little elusive of late, so I really luxuriated in it.
I was walking in the hills above Ch K, and even the terriers had vanished after rabbits, so it felt wonderfully spacious, a treasure for the weeks ahead.
Do hope Lent blesses all of you, my friends.


cheesehead said...

And you too, Kathryn.

Songbird said...

Blessings to you, my friend.

Filigree Strings said...

ahaha...Darcy said to me:
"this page displays both secure and nonsecure items"
I read it as:
"this page displays both sense and nonsense items"
Oh dear
Anyway, the booklet you sent me came today... with entirely different directions to the ones you've been giving me. Yesterday, for example, I was meant to "offer to do a chore that someone else normally does" & today I'm lending someone something
I'm very very confuzzled!!!
Word Verification:tdyeaogob...tidy your gob...