Thursday, May 04, 2006

And now she's met an ELEPHANT

Not the sinister sort that sits in the room and is very difficult to negotiate, but a real, flesh and blood, banana welcoming, hairy pachyderm.
DD is well and truly established in Thailand, sounds very happy and is blogging here
She'd love it if people dropped in, I'm sure.
Due to a change of plan, she will have a week less teaching, but more time exploring the country with a group of volunteers,- which is music to her mother's ears. Think I'll seriously consider stepping down from panic stations now and revert to the what passes for normal at the Curate's House.
Thanks, all of you, for your love, support and prayers....please keep them coming!


serena said...

I'm glad you're a bit less worried now :) Although normality is, of course, over-rated!

Fiona said...

Blast - now I have two interesting blogs to read, as well as five message boards and three sets of e-mails. I'll never do ANY work!
Great to see that she arrived safely - what time do you think noodle time is?