Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Docs in Question.

Just so you know! I'd hate you to think I wasn't really as shallow and trivial as the next girl :-)
Despite the assertion in the book we've been reading for the WATCH feminist theology reading group, that women's besetting sins are
"failure to assume responsibility, sloth, the lack of ego and triviality" I 'm not actually too penitent.
My Docs (not entirely worn in yet, and an ebay bargain as they are actually 2 different sizes) are fast becoming a trade mark, and have worked wonderfully as an ice-breaker on potentially uncomfortable occasions.
As for the other besetting sins...I'll own 2 out of 3. Guesses, anyone?
And what about you?


Anne said...

I love those Docs - I'm just worried that you'll wear them to GreenBelt and that my next-door neighbour will see them and start coveting them ;-)

Rainbow dreams said...

great docs :-) 2 different sizes??

see-through faith said...

ditto rainbow dreams - two diff sizes?

Kathryn said...

Well, yes, 2 different sizes,- but then, so are many people's feet (though rarely as much as a whole official "size"). Mine aren't, actually, but the smaller one is the same size as my actual foot and as they're laceups, this isn't an issue with the larger one either.
And they were, as I said, an amazing ebay bargain - funky footwear for around a tenner has to be good news, surely!

Pink Shoes said...

I. love. those. shoes. I covet them, and I'm not even Anne's next-door neighbour... :)

serena said...

Boots of Happiness :)