Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Can I panic now?

Today is D Day.
D for DarlingDaughter's Departure.
This event has been a dream, and then a plan for many months, - but among the women of this household there is a world of difference between plans and concrete preparations.
Thus it was that on Monday of last week, DD went into the bank to arrange her funds for the trip. After some discussion, she and the advisor decided that the safest and most sensible option was for DD to take out a credit card which she would use only while she was abroad, and which we would pay off in full from her account each month, to avoid any interest charges. This seemed preferable to the alternatives of using her ATM card and incurring charges for its use abroad, or carting around alot of traveller's cheques, which always feels like a bit of a risk.
She is very wary of credit cards, having seen me worry about them over the years, so I was quite happy with this decision. I really do trust her to cut up the card on her return home.
Only, we've just had the May Day Bank Holiday here...offices closed, no postal deliveries....and the card, which was promised as a priority has not arrived. And there is nothing to be done. No option of traveller's cheques on the spot. She has a small, survival-only, sum in Bhats, and her cash-card and that's it.
I'm trying really really hard not to panic, but now more than ever I feel as if I'm sending her off to seek her fortune with all her worldly goods done up in a bundle over her shoulder. That might sound romantic, but to a neurotic mother in in Charlton Kings it feels absolutely terrifying.
Drat, blast and bother that bank,- and indeed the last-minute gene that DD has inherited from her mother. It's all absolutely fine until the day that it isn't,- 2nd May, 2006 springs to mind.


see-through faith said...

oh oh oh :(
I'm panicing too. I just wrote about Gen 50:20 - and leave it with you too. He is in control IF we let Him.

Be blessed and a big hug for today

Fiona said...

Uggg - panicing for you too.

When my own DD went on her long distance trip she only had a cash card and no guarantee that it COULD be widely used, let alone how much it would cost her. She used her friend's credit card and then paid him back - ANY chance of a guardian angel like that/ policy for what happens in such cases, within the organisation she's going with

Rebecca said...

Did you see her off okay? I hope there weren't TOO many tears.

Did she tell you I may have to telephone you just to hear a soothing voice?

Her first letter is all ready to go! Go me!

Sally said...

Hope she got away alright...how are your nerves?
All will be well, but it really is hard to let go isn't it.

Mary said...

She'll be fine, honestly.... and you will need to get over the bit where you keep going into her room and hugging her pillows (oh yes I did, but don't tell him). Love and thoughts....

Rainbow dreams said...

I hope it all went smoothly

Pink Shoes said...

How are you today?

Songbird said...

Oh, Kathryn, this is hard! Hugs from me, too.