Tuesday, May 16, 2006

How to cheer up The Curate!

Yesterday in Privet Drive was damp and gloomy. I have a cold, the sort that makes me want to sleep all day ,- not a very realistic option, though I did drop off on the sofa in the study while preparing for the feminst theology reading group....no reflection on the text....and woke up to discover I'd missed both Evening Prayer and the Monday Eucharist (thanks be to God, I wasn't presiding)!
DarlingDaughter sounded rather homesick and scared when she blogged. Her first day of teaching is tomorrow, and she had yet to meet her family (who turn out to be wonderful, but she didn't know that then) and was running short of hugs and self confidence...
One way and another it just wasn't easy to stir myself to anything much, and when the dogs started barking manically I was just cross...crosser still when the doorbell rang...but had to recant my crossness the moment I opened the door, to be greeted by The Man from the Florist.
Lovely lovely flowers, a gift from C's family (chosen to match my Docs, apparently ;-) ) So, I had to start smiling, didn't I? What a difference saying thank you so beautifully makes. Happy Curate!


Rebecca said...

I have never had flowers delivered... Maybe when I'm older? Those are lovely, though, such pretty colours!

see-through faith said...

get well soon. and three cheers for a family who showed their appreciation in such a lovely way:)